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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

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We want you to receive the best dental care possible in NWA. Answering your questions and responding to your concerns is a huge part of making your dental experience relaxing and amazing.

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We’re dedicated to helping our patients not only learn more about their treatment but how to care for their whole mouth health. Contact us directly if this page doesn't answer your question. We're available for all our patients in NWA.

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We Have the Best Dental Team

We don't just provide great dental services, we treat everyone who comes through our door like part of our family.

A Full Range of Dental Services

We want our patients to be able to come in and have their problems treated the same day.

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Since we’ve been in Rogers, AR for over 20 years, your experience at Wisener, Cooper, and Fergus will feel like home.

Common Dental Questions

»How long will my appointments take?

We wish there was a simple answer for this question.

Different procedures take different amounts of time. Rest assured knowing we don?t want to keep you here longer than you need to be. You?ll never wait long to get in to see us, and we will get you out of the chair as quickly as possible.

We know you are busy!

»Will my dental fee change?

We believe in communicating before we treat you.

That means making sure you understand the fees upfront, before we start treatment. Once we quote a fee for a procedure, that will not change. We don?t believe in surprises??at least not that kind!

»Do you take insurance?

We work with almost all?dental insurances.

In fact we file the insurance on your behalf so you don?t have to spend time on the phone with insurance companies. Lastly, you will always get a quote before we do any work on you ??and that price will stay the same throughout treatment.

»How are you “accountable” for the care you provide?

We believe that doctors should be held accountable for the level and quality of care they provide.

For us that means that we perform every procedure like we were working on a family member. We provide all of our patients with the?very best possible care.

Additionally, we feel it important to keep all cases in-house so that our patients avoid being passed between multiple doctors offices for treatment that could all be done in one place. What that does is allow us to take responsibility if something goes wrong versus making the patient deal with doctors that want to pass the blame to a different office.

»I'm terrified of the dentist. Why are you different?

We get it. We really do. So many people have had painful or stressed experiences at the dentist. That?s not us!

The cornerstone of our practice is honesty and trust a huge part of that is minimizing pain and anxiety. We do absolutely everything we can to minimize any concerns.

First, we treat you like a person. We want you to have good oral health, so we are in this together. We never treat you without you being ready and if you are in any sort of discomfort we stop immediately. We want you to actually be in control of your treatment.

Second, we treat you like a person. We will never downplay your anxiety. We want you to be comfortable with your treatment on every level ? and that means trusting us and being comfortable with us as your doctors.

Last, we?provide a wide-range of sedation options ? some basic and some very advanced. The last thing we want to do is have our patients experience pain, so we do absolutely everything in our power to minimize it.

»Why do you use sedation technology when other offices don't?

First, we truly believe that it?s a safe and effective solution for providing a dental experience that is comfortable, relaxing, and surprisingly pain-free.

Second, we are passionate about providing excellent care and learning more about our field. A dental office that is comfortable just using old technology and isn?t learning and utilizing modern technology that can provide the best patient experience isn?t a dental office we?d want to be treated in.

Last, it takes a lot of time and training to become proficient in sedation techniques. Our team goes through annual continued training. We invest the time and money it takes to become proficient in sedation dentistry. We?re also one of the only dentists in the area offering advanced sedation options.

»What is ``Dentistry for The Modern Age``?

One thing that sets our practice apart is we are able to provide so many different services to make your experience and your treatment better! From scanners that speed up your treatment to a variety of sedation options – all of our technology is about? making coming to the dentist convenient and comfortable.

To see a good explanation of what we mean by that, check out our Dental Services page.

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