Our Patients’ Healthy Teeth is Our Priority

As great is it would be, a person cant come to the dentist twice a year and call their dental health good.

Part of what makes your semi-annual check-ups and cleaning effective is the work that you do at home on a daily basis. As has been said many times and in many places over the years, if you take care of your teeth, they will take care of you.

If you take care of your teeth, youll enjoy all the best parts of being a human being from eating to talking to smiling. In addition, a sense of well-being and good health are tied to good dental hygiene as well. Chewing your food properly leads to good digestion which affects how you feel.

So, if your teeth are in good shape, you stand a better chance of the rest of you being in good shape, too!

More About Dental Hygiene

You may be asking yourself, well, how do I take good care of my teeth? Good question! There are two parts to this answer: your daily routines and your semi-annual routines.

To have good dental health, youll need to do three things every day. You should brush your teeth with a toothbrush that isnt too hard. You should floss all of your teeth, or at least all the ones you want to keep. And you should rinse all of the toothpaste and dental debris out really well. And you should do this at least twice a day.

We know, that may seem like a chore, but trust us, it makes your semi-annual routines much easier. Those routines are coming in twice a year for a check up and cleaning. During those dentist visits, our team will make sure that there arent any problems like soft spots where cavities can form, or wear patterns from grinding your teeth.

By catching stuff like this early, we can help you avoid costly and uncomfortable treatments later on.

Come Visit Us - We Wont Bite!

If its been a while since your last dentist appointment or if you want a refresher on how to brush and floss properly, give us a call and let us schedule you for an appointment. We want to keep you on the road to great dental hygiene and health at Cooper, Wisner, and Fergus!