We’re Proud to Provide Truly Full-Service Dental Care

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Providing truly full-service care for our patients 

When people hear “dental office,” they think of the stereotypical: cleanings & fillings. And some think that’s all we do. Our patients are constantly surprised at just how much our office has to offer!

We do everything from Invisalign to dental implants, to pediatric dentistry — even cosmetic services like veneers. We even take care of things like wisdom teeth and root canals. We have invested a lot of time in continued education so we can offer all these services — and offer them with excellence.

And what it means for you is, when you are a patient — we can fix your problem in-house. So you don’t have to run you all over town to a whole bunch of specialists that you don’t know or you don’t trust. A lot of times, we may even save you a trip to the hospital!

Pain-Free Treatment

Our patients call us from work with tooth pain — we get them in immediately — fix them up, and by that night, they are going to sleep pain free. One thing we’re really proud of is that we can offer various forms of sedation, all the way up to IV sedation, to make treatment easier on our patients. That’s important to a lot of our patients, because people can be fearful, and that can prevent them from seeking the care that they need. There are people walking around who have been in pain for years and then they find out they can come in and not feel a thing. It can be truly life-changing for people.

Convenience of Same-Day Care

One of the great things about providing a lot of these services in-house is that when one of our patients comes in in pain, we can take care of it immediately that day. We can assess the problem and diagnose the issue quickly — and then we can treat it right then on the spot, and they can walk out of our office pain-free.

We rarely need to refer our patients to a specialist. Sometimes, we can even save patients trips to the hospital (and thousands of dollars) because we were able to treat their infection or their pain immediately when they come to our office. What that means for patients is that they don’t need to take off work multiple times, they don’t have to drive all over to see multiple doctors and specialists, and they don’t have to be in pain. Plus, it can really keep the costs down for them, which is so important.

And it’s a great feeling for us. We are proud to be able to provide truly full-service dentistry to our patients. When they come in with an issue, we are going to be able to solve it. Not give them a referral note and a “sorry-bout-ya,” knowing it will be a few days before they find a solution. But to take care of our patients — in house — the same day — and get them back to living their lives!