Founded On Friendship

Excellent partners, even better friends!

One of the things that makes our practice unique is the sense of partnership the doctors have here at Wisener, Cooper & Fergus. Many business partnerships start out of financial necessity or because they have to take on a partner to remain viable. We began our partnership simply because we really like and respect each other.

Most people dont know this, but we have been friends for 30 years. We all went to the same dental school. Its truly rewarding to come to the office every day and work side by side with our best friends and colleagues. This partnership means that we can provide our patients with truly full-service care, and they can see any one of our doctors. So even when one of us is out at a conference or on vacation with our families, we have someone that we trust fully to watch over our patients.

There are times in our office when we are highly collaborative, but the truth is we are all very equally skilled and have the same strengths and the same approach to dental health. It can be great to get a second opinion in-house, but nine times out of ten, we see eye to eye.

Our patients feel that trust and respect that we have for each other. So while they all have their primary dentist at our practice, they also know that whichever doctor they see, they can be confident they will receive excellent care.