This Is Why We Love Benton County

Wisener, Cooper, and Fergus was founded twenty-two years ago in Benton County.

As you might imagine, the area looked a little different 22 years ago! Back then, there were a lot more fields and cow pastures. Since then, our small community has grown by leaps and bounds, and rather than just fields as far as you can see, now we have all the amenities youll find in larger metropolitan areas.

We’re Committed to Serving Our Patients and their Families for a Lifetime.

While the population and businesses have grown over the years, so has our reputation. That reputation in our community is important to us. From the very beginning, we knew that if we were going to serve them for a lifetime, then we would have to earn the trust of each new patient and keep it. We are thankful that weve become known for working hard for our patients and doing good work. Our goal is to take care of people and build trust through that care. We believe we’re succeeding in that!

While our office is located in Rogers, some patients travel up to six hours round-trip just to see us. Some of our patients come to us from Missouri, Oklahoma, Fort Smith, and Little Rock. Honestly, we think thats amazing, and were so humbled and honored that these patients trust us with their care. And the same is true for our friends and neighbors right here in Rogers and Bentonville. It’s important to us that if someone sees us buying lumber at Lowes on a Saturday, they say, “Thats my dentist I love this guy!”

But we dont just work here. This community is truly our home, and were invested in the lives of the people we see in and outside the office. Weve been honored to serve all of our friends and neighbors in Northwest Arkansas for more than 20 years. And thats why we think its so important to take care of the community however we can. We support our local Junior Olympics, and we sponsor sports teams in the area. We love being an active part of the community, just like this community has been a part of our practice from the very beginning.

Weve spent the last two decades building relationships on trust. Our reputation is only as good as we are, and we work hard to make sure that our reputation is as strong today as it was when we first opened.